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friday feature:  Kirsten Miccoli


JS: How did you get into photography?

KM: My camera is an extension of myself now.  Just like a limb, it would be weird to think of not having it on me. I love documenting the world around me and when I picked up my first camera as a child it immediately inspired me to create. When I was little I used to love doing crazy photo shoots with my friends. I would do their hair and makeup and put them in all sorts of bizarre outfits. As I got older, it occurred to me that this was what I wanted to spend my life doing. I attended Columbia College Chicago and got my Bachelor’s of Art in Photography. Since then I have spent the last two years working in the field and growing my own business.

JS: What/who inspires you when you are shooting?

KM: Everything! Music, clothing, other images, and the environment around me are all huge inspirations. My biggest inspiration is always the subject that I am focusing on.

JS: How do you differ from all of the other photographers in Chicago, NY, LA? 

KM: Chicago in general has a more commercial market for fashion photography, but I hate super posed images or images with no meaning. My style is whimsical and loud. I really like telling stories with single frames and capturing the beautiful awkwardness of everyday.

JS: What are your favorite people or things to shoot?

KM: I love shooting everything but fashion photography allows me to be the most creative. I love concepting shoots and working with stylists, models, designers, and makeup artists to create imagery nobody has seen before. Although, I do a lot of portraiture and I really enjoy that too. Photographing people in general is fun for me. I really enjoy challenging myself to get a little something extra out of everybody I work with. When the subject behind the camera is uncomfortable it shows on the film. I try to not only make my model comfortable, but get them to allude an emotion that will reveal something about the image or themselves as a person. 

JS: What other photographers do you look up to?

KM: My all time favorite fashion photographer is Tim Walker. I love his work because it is full of beauty and each image tells an intricate story. Throughout school I was influenced and inspired by a lot of fine art photographers such as philip lorca dicorcia, Julia Fullerton, and Katy Grannan.

JS: If you could shoot one major person in the world (alive or dead) who would it be?

KM: Ah this is such a hard question!! I honestly have no idea who I would choose. The thing about photography is that it sort of forces you to think about time and moments that have passed by. I am spending my career capturing time in little bubbles. That is why this is such a hard question. There are so many people and moments I would have loved to have photographed, it is impossible to choose just one.

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The photos are a sneak peek from the recent ‘Fallen Angels White Shoot’ with Kirsten and Evolve (hair by Epoch Studio Salon, make-up by Vanessa Valliant)