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friday feature: Sara Fagala

Pattern maker, designer, artist, boutique employee

I first met Sara while she was working at Frill boutique.  Fascinated by how she makes all of her worlds come together so nicely, it made perfect sense to ask her how.

JS: In one sentence describe what you do.

SF: I turn fashion designer’s ideas and sketches into reality.  

JS: How did you get into pattern making??  It is truly a talent and gift, do you ever worry that machines will kill the art??  

SF: Someone once told me that fashion designers can design and that seamstresses can sew, but pattern makers must do it all.  I want to do it all.  That is my motivation.  From conception, manufacturing, and a finished garment on a rack; I get to be part of the entire creation process.  As far as machines/computers killing the art, I’ve experienced the opposite!  Graphically speaking, computers have completely expanded what services I offer and also gave me a greater comprehension of this art form.  I am currently working with a software developer building macros in order to make pattern making a much more user-friendly, and far-reaching field of design.

JS: Who/what inspires your designs?? 

SF: I get really inspired by my environment and my clients.  There’s inspiration all around, in everything and sometimes I find myself looking at a design and I’m scratching my head like, I didn’t create that…it just used me to create itself.   

JS: It is so cool to be able to literally take your idea from concept to design, as you can draw the piece, make the pattern, and sew it.  You have endless possibilities. 

SF: I love that you said ‘endless possibilities’.  I have always been fascinated with garments and view them as something subjective or limitless in terms of look or style.  I prefer drafting my patterns as it is less time consuming for me than draping, but I’ll do whatever is necessary to execute a design element properly.  I think it would be really interesting to draft patterns for Bernhard Willhelm.  Any designer with and outright sense of humor is where I would be very comfortable. 

JS: Seeing that you work at Frill, what is your favorite accessory right now?

SF: All things NEON! Especially hair dye, belts, small backpacks, giant necklaces, and nail decals.   

JS: Anything else you want to add in?!  

SF: Yes! I am very excited about working on a new clothing line, Fetish Gala.  Expect sexy, sleek, and stretchy styles this fall.  I will start to sell some pieces on Etsy this August for feedback. 

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