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Personal and Editorial Wardrobe Stylist

friday feature: Lindsey Robertson

The Blues Jean Bar Chicago Store Manager

I recently styled the front window at BJB to promote their in-store white sale - all white apparel is 20% off the entire month of July.

JS: What do you do at the BJB?

LR: I’m the Store Manager of The Blues Jean Bar Chicago in Lincoln Park. I’m what we call a jeantender! Our store is set up just like your favorite local bar- we have a large wooden bar made from old growth wood and behind it we have shelves filled with over 20 brands of premium denim allowing you to order up a pair of jeans just like your favorite drink!  And, quite fitting to the style of the store, our motto is: “Belly up to the bar and we’ll cover your ass!”

JS: Talk about denim quality and why fit is so important.

LR: A lot of my customers ask me why our jeans are so expensive, and my first answer is always quality. Almost every brand we carry imports their denim from the best mills around the world and constructs their jeans in the US. The making of a jean is not simple- it involves many crucial steps to ensure you’re getting the right fit. Much of the process is done by hand: designing, cutting, sewing, creating a wash and applying hardware. It’s amazing how great you can feel in a pair of jeans that fits your body perfectly. At The Blues Jean Bar we believe that the perfect fit is out there for everyone and our mission is to find it for you!

JS: Tell us more about the brands you carry and why?

LR: At the BJB we pride ourselves on carrying a huge selection of brands, fits, washes and sizes. We want every customer to leave the store feeling amazing in their new jeans.  Although we carry a wide selection of brands, we’re more fit-focused than we are brand focused. My favorite part of working at The Blues is when I can get someone to try a new brand that they have never heard of and love it. A lot of the brands we carry are smaller, LA based companies that aren’t as well known, but their quality is amazing. We do have some big name brands that people would be familiar with, but we like to have different merchandise than your typical department store.

JS: Why would someone shop at your store versus a department store?

LR: Not only does our selection set us apart from department stores, but first and foremost is our customer service. Our jeantenders know everything there is to know about the denim we carry. We try on every jean we get in, we study product knowledge and we keep in touch with our vendors. I have worked at department stores in the past and never once did I get the product knowledge training that I do here. I think the number one quality that my customers appreciate in my staff is our honesty. If you come out in a jean that isn’t fitting you right, we’ll let you know. Our goal is to have you leave with something that fits your body perfectly. 

JS: Where do you see denim trending next?

LR: I’m excited for the colored denim trend to continue. For fall we’re already seeing a lot of rich, jewel toned colors with beautiful textures and prints. Skinny jeans will still be the go-to jean for ladies.  Men’s slim, straight legs will continue to gain popularity. I think the beauty of denim today is that as long your jeans are tailored, fit properly and styled right, any cut is in style. 

JS: What is your favorite way to wear denim, dressed up or down?

LR: I think the beauty of denim is that you can dress it up with your favorite silk blouse and heels for a night out, or wear it casually with a basic tee and flats. Denim has evolved so much over the years and it has become a staple in just about everyone’s wardrobe. What I love most about denim is that I’m always surprised and excited about new styles.

The Blues Jean Bar: 2210 N Halsted Street, Chicago